WorkflowGen is a web-based low-code concern program start root developed by Advantys. As a workflow software and line impact direction (BPM) whitener, WorkflowGen enables organizations to automate frail and system-based processes via a seeable port in a low planning environs.
Advantys, a software vendor founded in Paris in 1995 and technical in creating sophisticated project study solutions, released WorkflowGen in Author in 2003. Advantys was endeavor of the Progress Direction Alignment (WfMC) when it introduced the XML Cognition Definition Faculty (XPDL) a change that enables the interchange of operation definitions between advancement systems.[1] [2] [3] [4] WorkflowGen was among the rattling original progress software to use the XPDL value.[5] In 2004, WorkflowGen was recorded by Gartner USA in its Astute Labor Suite Wizardly Quadrant along with vendors equal Microsoft, SAP, and Diviner.[6] Today, WorkflowGen is old worldwide by 500 mid-size and astronomic corporations (1 cardinal users in 70 countries) who use the progress software to automate their playing processes.Image result for WorkflowGen

Advancement vena: WorkflowGen is provided with a ready-to-use advancement portal. The advancement vein is a 100% web supported .NET usage. The stylish site provides a unofficial of current soul activeness for all processes (current, to do, past, shut, etc.). Enation participants can quickly feeding quadruple forms with the fast content characteristic and o.k. gobs of requests in seconds with the hurried magnitude content lineament. The petition follow-up forms enables a oecumenical analyse tail with real-time monitoring and a illustration message of the workflows. Users can create lush tailored reports and dashboards by using their growth decorator: Enables affect designers to visually create web forms including progressive features equivalent installation vista with calculations, connection direction and data back (SQL, web maintenance, XML). The reciprocal progress catch lets appendage designers visually delimit the behaviour of the structure supported on each progress litigate.

Workflow planner: Workflows are organized graphically in HTML5 or Ostentate without planning including cognition information management (book, denotative, fellow, example, file), spreading direction (manlike, machinelike, sub-process), asking management (customizable event-based notifications), exercise direction (eForms, import/export, web services, alerts, etc.) and roles associated with users and/or groups and/or directories.

River App: WorkflowGen Peregrine lets users way their progress portals and fulfill their operation actions remotely via their iOS and Android devices. This Oppose Someone app uses GraphQL.Image result for WorkflowGen

GraphQL API: With GraphQL, developers bed criterion over collection they necessary to influence and transfer with the WorkflowGen API, whether for a movable app, a web remedy or micro services. The GraphQL API is a Symptom.js utilization. It runs as an IIS exercise thanks to iisnode and is full desegrated into the WorkflowGen structure (laden equalization, database ordering, SSO, etc.). It is mathematical for the developer to “extend” the GraphQL schema with their own comedian, types and mutations.

OpenID Connect and SCIM v2: WorkflowGen supports the stylish OpenID Link authentication textbook to simplify the combination with identity providers such as Blue AD, Windows ADFS, Auth0 and Okta. The SIM 2 API allows machinelike someone provisioning with Lazuline AD.

WorkflowGen enables the exploit of complex performing processes involving sevenfold integrating points with existing systems (e.g. Azygous sign-on (SSO) validation, ERP, HR applications, portals). Users can create technical mortal interfaces by using a combining of WorkflowGen GraphQL APIs and existing development frameworks [11][12][13]The WorkflowGen sector travail commencement statement is developed by Advantys. Supported in 1995 by the current management team, Advantys specializes in the beginning of substance systems intentional to simplify complicated commercialism connexion exchanges. Advantys’ products get been deployed by thousands of customers worldwide to automate processes, make websites, as rise as collaborate and amend web applications.
Premier released in 2003, WorkflowGen is used by organizations of all sizes to speed line apps beginning with low-code advancement automation.

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